“I had tried so many things…”

“When I first came to Clear Health, I was hesitant because I had tried so many other things (physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping, other chiropractors, even surgery) but I was still in so much pain. I couldn’t stand or sit comfortably, and I couldn’t play with my grand kids.

Since coming here, I feel about 10 years younger! I’m able to walk better. I’m able to sit better. I was able to walk my dog, and even jog a bit. I can even hold both my grand kids at the same time and bend down and play with them. I haven’t been able to do that in years! It’s really incredible. I would recommend that people give chiropractic a shot, especially people that have tried lots of things without getting results. It’s a gradual process, but everything worthwhile takes time!”

-Naconus R.

mark h.jpg

“I feel more like myself…”

"I feel more like myself and am finding humor and joy in the world again. I would say my anxiety has been decreased by 80% or more. As an added bonus, I've noticed my allergy induced asthma has been nearly eliminated. I haven't used my inhaler for a few months. My biggest trigger is dog dander, and because I live with a dog a find I need to inhale multiple times a week when the house is closed up (AC or heat seasons). I've now gone the entire summer without using my inhaler. I was using Drysol for hyperhydrosis and it worked very well, but caused a great amount of itching. I'm no longer using Drysol and find the hyperhydrosis to be under control. Who knew that 10 minute introduction to Neurological Chiropractor 6 months ago would have so many positive impacts on my life. While I'm not 100% cured, and let's be honest may never be (that's not a realistic expectation), I'm seeing significant benefits. Highly recommend."

-Mark H.


“I’ve felt focused and clear


“It wasn’t until I injured myself at work that I reached out to the clinic for care. Changes that I’ve seen since starting care include an immediate decline and need for taking seasonal allergy medication - I’ve only had to take it 3 times since being under care when normally I would be taking it every single day. I’ve also just felt healtheier, focused and clear minded in general. I’ve really learned it’s better to correct a problem early on before it’s too late!"

-Lindsay J.

Laura r.jpg

“I no longer have pain to deal with…”

“The changes I’ve seen since starting - a ton. Even something as small as a cold, when I come and get adjusted it weems to go away quicker, I used to have them for weeks. I would have intense back pain and cramping that would flare up during my cycle and that’s gone, so that’s pretty amazing. I no longer have pain to deal with so I have way more energy - and my hips - I had been hit by a car years ago, they probably haven’t been feeling this good and I have been able to enjoy curling and am on track to start working out again!”

-Laura R.

brittany H.jpg

“I can’t


it’s not there anymore”

“Since care I have definitely been feeling more loose in my neck and back and actually the most important change is with my jaw - I’ve had this issue for almost 5 years and Dr. Erik did one ‘click’ and the next morning I woke up and I didn’t feel any clicking. Every day I wake up I can’t believe it’s not there anymore!”

-Brittany H.


“I’ve experienced crazy


“Since starting care at Clear Health, I’ve experienced crazy differences in my health. I used to get this pain in the back of my knee that just wouldn’t go away. It stopped me from playing football because it hurt so much to run. Now I never get it! I had a wakeboarding accident a few summers ago, and started struggling with back pain and anxiety after the accident. I’ve had huge results with my anxiety through getting adjusted. My low back pain is also completely gone! Everything felt so out of place for so long, and now it feels completely normal. My range of motion is increased, I’m a lot more active, and I feel like my body is just working better! I would highly recommend coming to Clear Health. It has helped me so much, and it is crazy because the adjustments are so gentle, but they have done so much for me!”

- Hudson G.


“My A1C levels dropped from 9.1 to 6.4!”

“When I first came into Clear Health my biggest concerns were diabetes, anxiety, and depression. I also was experiencing weight gain, lack of motivation, sleepiness, and reduced mobility. I have tried several different medications for my anxiety and depression with no success. Since starting, I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety medication dosage. After four months of care my A1C levels dropped from 9.1 to 6.4! I also have more energy and can sleep through the night. I would definitely recommend chiropractic to anyone.”

-Lexi N.


“Now I can go running…”

"I heard about Clear Health Chiropractic at a Hopkins Street Fair. I was in really bad pain and my fiancé and best friend persuaded me go into the office. I am the type of person to let things resolve on their own, but they made me go get help, which I needed. I got my full assessment done and I found out that there was a lot going on with my back. Before, I couldn’t walk and I had a hard time getting up, which is ridiculous because I am so young. Now I can go running for 2 miles straight with my fiancé without any back pain. I am also working out and doing everything that I can without migraines which is a huge plus because I would get them all the time. I would recommend coming here and getting taken care of if you are in pain, even if they are just slight twinges. I have noticed how amazing it is when you get your body aligned. I should have started a long time ago!"

-Taylor M.

colee R.jpg

“I became pregnant…”

“My partner and I had been trying to conceive off and on for over two years. After just a few months I noticed a traumatic decrease in my neck and back pain. I also became pregnant at the end of October! I am now 17 weeks along!”

- Colee R.

bill H.jpg

“At first, I was very skeptical…”

“I came to Clear Health with back and leg pain that kept me from sitting at work. I tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, and traction therapy. None of those treatments fully treated the pain. After 4-5 months under care, my back pain and leg pain were completely gone! At first, I was very skeptical and this was my last option before surgery. I will never make that mistake again. Chiropractic will be my go-to therapy from now on.”

-Bill H.


“We eliminated our medications…”

“I came in with back pain and IBS. I had been dealing with it for several years and it was very severe. I tried diet changes, therapy, medication, and visited a gastrointestinal doctor. I was able to stop taking my medication for my IBS and it is almost completely gone. I decided to also bring my daughter in. She was dealing with sleep issues and decreased immune system function. She has since been able to eliminate her allergy medication and sleeps through the night! I would absolutely recommend chiropractic to anyone”

-Megan and Ireland M.

garren t.jpg

“My pain was life altering severe…”

“When I walked in the door of Clear Health, I had low back pain, severe neck pain, troubles concentrating and lack of sleep. My pain was “life altering” severe. After 3 months of care, I have close to no low back pain, my neck pain severity has dropped significantly, and my quality of sleep has improved greatly. I was able to eliminate the use of medication for concentration. I would most definitely recommend chiropractic care to others!”

-Garren T.

tom r.jpg

“Educational approach and honesty…”

"I met Dr. Erik at an event that he did at my work. He came in and taught us a little about what he did and the importance of getting adjusted. I’ve been coming to Clear Health now for about three months - I had been suffering from ocular migraines for six months and I don’t think I have had one for about two months, which is pretty miraculous. It was sometimes happening two or three times per week. If somebody is sick or in pain, chiropractic is another avenue to explore that I personally had not previously considered. I went to a lot of different specialists and doctors who weren’t able to give me any answers or explain any of the answers to the questions I had. I appreciate the educational approach and the thoroughness and honesty Dr. Erik provided me. I would definitely recommend to try it out if you are sick or in pain."

-Tom R.