"My pain was so severe I cried daily because it was difficult to complete routine activities.  My arm pain has improved so much it's amazing.  I found out what resting actually meant instead of just sleeping.  The most recent change in my life is I left my depression pills that I had been taking for 10 years and 'could not' go a day without.  I am very happy I found this wonderful team that has changed my life immensely for the best.  I truly am grateful for all their hard work.  I wish someone would have told me about this before.  I don't only recommend it I encourage others to try it.  I was skeptical at first but it was the only thing I had not tried so I gave it a try and it was the best decision I ever made."

-Yesenia M.



"I feel more like myself and am finding humor and joy in the world again.  I would say my anxiety has been decreased by 80% or more.  As an added bonus, I've noticed my allergy induced asthma has been nearly eliminated.  I haven't used my inhaler for a few months.  My biggest trigger is dog dander, and because I live with a dog a find I need to inhale multiple times a week when the house is closed up (AC or heat seasons).  I've now gone the entire summer without using my inhaler.  I was using Drysol for hyperhydrosis and it worked very well, but caused a great amount of itching.  I'm no longer using Drysol and find the hyperhydrosis to be under control.  Who knew that 10 minute introduction to Neurological Chiropractor 6 months ago would have so many positive impacts on my life. While I'm not 100% cured, and let's be honest may never be (that's not a realistic expectation), I'm seeing significant benefits.  Highly recommend."

-Mark H.



"I heard about Clear Health Chiropractic at a Hopkins Street Fair.  I was in really bad pain and My fiancé and best friend persuaded me go into the office. I am the type of person to let things resolve on their own, but they made me go get help, which I needed. I got my full assessment done and I found out that there was a lot going on with my back.  Before, I couldn’t walk and I had a hard time getting up, which is ridiculous because I am so young. Now I can go running for 2 miles straight with my fiancé without any back pain. I am also working out and doing everything that I can without migraines which is a huge plus because I would get them all the time. I would recommend coming here and getting taken care of if you are in pain, even if they are just slight twinges. I have noticed how amazing it is when you get your body aligned. I should have started a long time ago!"

-Taylor M.



"I met Dr. Erik at an event that he did at my work. He came in and taught us a little about what he did and the importance of getting adjusted. I’ve been coming to Clear Health now for about three months - I had been suffering from ocular migraines for six months and I don’t think I have had one for about two months, which is pretty miraculous. It was sometimes happening two or three times per week. If somebody is sick or in pain, chiropractic is another avenue to explore that I personally had not previously considered. I went to a lot of different specialists and doctors who weren’t able to give me any answers or explain any of the answers to the questions I had. I appreciate the educational approach and the thoroughness and honesty Dr. Erik provided me. I would definitely recommend to try it out if you are sick or in pain."

-Tom R.



For years I have struggled with lower back, hip, neck, shoulder, and foot pain as well as acid reflux and an inconsistent menstrual cycle. I sought relief through physical therapists, an obstetrician and even medications; however, none fixed the problems I suffered with on a regular basis.

When I first came into the chiropractic office, I wasn’t sure it was for me. My obstetrician had told me that I was in menopause, so I had just come to terms with it. However, after just 2 months of chiropractic care, all of my ailments seemed to disappear! My menstrual cycle returned, the acid reflux stopped, and my back, neck, and hip were all pain free!

Today, I have total trust in chiropractic care and I am committed to my personal care plan for life long wellness!

-Lisa H.



My son, Brendan (now 14), suffered from a plethora of allergies, asthma, and sinus issues. He was on a lot of strong medications on a regular basis. He took Singular, Claritin, Astellin, Nasalcrom, Nasonex, Albuterol, Advair, and even   regular allergy shots!

Relying on pills was no way for a child to live! However, after being under consistent chiropractic care, his overall health had greatly changed! After a year of being under chiropractic care, I took Brendan back to the allergist for full diagnostic testing. His results were all negative! No signs of allergies!! It was such a surprise that they even applied histamine to check that the test was valid. Now, he no longer takes any of those previously mentioned medications!

When I started under chiropractic care I knew absolutely nothing about it. Now, I find myself in awe of the heightened quality of life that it has provided for my family and me. Not to mention the huge amounts of money I have saved! I never get sick anymore, and I even work in a school where sickness and germs are rampant! I always recommend chiropractic care to people I see suffering. It is just the best option!

-Mary L.



For years before coming to the chiropractor I was stressed out, tensed up and unable to relax and let go of the day.  My mind was constantly racing.  This took its toll on my physical wellbeing forcing my blood pressure up at times.  My primary care doctor prescribed blood pressure medication.

Then a friend recommended that I see the chiropractor.  The day after my FIRST adjustment I had a checkup with my primary doctor and my blood pressure was back to a normal 120/84!

Now I recommend chiropractic to all of my friends who are suffering and I know that there are 3 thing needed for health: a normal working nervous system, exercise and good food!  That's It!  


Carl S.



I first came to the chiropractor for pain and numbness in my lower leg that was so bad I could barely walk.  The office was very welcoming and a safe place, as well as professional.  After one adjustment at the office my foot pain immediately improved. The chiropractor took the time to teach me about the connection between the spine, the nervous system and the rest of the body; it made a lot of sense.  

Since being educated on chiropractic, I have also sought care for sinus problems, low back pain, an underactive pituitary gland causing low testosterone, depression and anxiety. My medical doctors had me on Zyrtec, Flonase, Clomid and Zoloft. Now I ONLY use Mucinex on the rare occasion that I have sinus issues (that are not taken care of with an adjustment), and I am on the lowest dose available of the Zoloft.

When I first came to the chiropractor I was extremely skeptical, but all those doubts have been overcome by the results I have experienced.  Now my whole family and a number of friends that I have referred all get regular care at the chiropractic office.  I also believe chiropractic played a big part in healing my daughter from a life-threatening dairy allergy. 

-Nancy L.



 For years I have suffered from migraines and Sinusitis, as well as chronic congestion. I also have been diagnosed with Asperger’s.  I have generally remained in poor health for many years. I have been to neurologists and physical therapists, but had not received continued relief. I basically stopped caring how I felt feeling like it was never going to end.  

Out of concern for me, my mother introduced me to chiropractic care. I knew that being under chiropractic care would help, but I was really doubtful that I needed it every week. However, I trusted my mother’s advice that being under regular care would help, and went forward with it anyway.

I noticed that when I was being adjusted regularly, I was not getting migraines as often or as severe. I also noticed that I didn’t seem to need my Risperdal anxiety medication for Asperger’s! I also noticed that my congestion was much improved and that an adjustment could actually help drain my sinuses!

The doctor’s personality drew me in and made me feel comfortable under his well-educated and personable care. His office staff is also well versed in the proper techniques and it is obvious that he takes great pride in education and skill development for him and all of his staff.

-Hilary N.



For years I battled with pain from chronic bursitis. I sought treatment from a physical therapist, which lessened the pain, but did not eradicate it. Then I was in a car accident which aggravated my bursitis and left me with ligament damage in my neck.  Initially, the neck pain was so intense that it impaired my daily function.  I sought the standard medical treatment and was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers, which was not a long-term solution.

I had my doubts about chiropractic. I was raised with a traditional medicine only mindset, but I wanted a long-term solution to my problem and was willing to try something I was unfamiliar with when I was not satisfied with the traditional medical approach. The doctor was very personable, compassionate, gentle and helpful. He patiently answered my (many, many) questions, even when he had to go find the answers elsewhere.

When I began care, I had some immediate pain relief for my neck, which continued to improve over a few months. After about 1 month of care, I noticed my bursitis no longer bothered me even when I did things that had formally aggravated it. Since starting care and modifying my diet, I have stopped taking the muscle relaxers and pain medication for my neck, and have ceased taking allergy medications as well.

Now my husband and two children are both under care and have benefited greatly. My daughter began care at 3 years of age after learning that she has some mild hearing loss following a car accident. She no longer has any hearing issues, and both of my children are seen for general health.

I have learned that chiropractic is about removing interference, which promotes health instead of just merely alleviating symptoms. Being under chiropractic care has helped out my family in so many ways!

-Vicki S.